Young People's Favorite——Dad Hats

- Jun 12, 2018 -

In an era of all-enchantment, the hat has become a must-have item before the flat hat that doesn't get 

fired. It's really useless to say that shading can only cover the area above the nose. If you want to say 

cool, the whole face will see it. What cool? Your entire face is leaking. What is mystery? !

The dad hat is very powerful, all-round sunshade effect, handsome and cool letter, and mix and match 

fashion LOOK has no sense of violation, "dad hat" is bent hat, a bit like a tour group cap (of course just

 like), Ventilation and ventilation make it more attractive to older people, so it's called a daddy hat. The 

curved hat is more design than the travel cap.


The dad hat is a kind of baseball cap. It first appeared in the 1960s. Brooklyn Excelsiors, a New York 

City baseball team, has reformed the uniform baseball caps (narrow-necked caps, similar to the jockey 

hats). Nowadays, most of the players who defend a team in baseball games wear baseball caps.

so many fans will wear hats that they like. Then it gradually developed into a hot trend item in everyone's


Did you want to come up with a dad cap that lets you get to the bottom? Anyway, I haven't figured 

out how many hats I have, I think Aung Crown will be your best choice.

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