You Are Only A Hat From The Perfect Summer!

- Jul 06, 2018 -

Coco Chanel once said: Hats are the hallmark of the beginning of human civilization.

The hat not only plays a sunscreen role in daily life, but also is a concave shape tool as an accessory. In 

the hot summer, a suitable hat will become the finishing touch for your style.The choice of hats and the 

matching of clothes are the same reason. Choose a hat based on the pros and cons of your face.

1, round face

In fact, people with round faces are best suited to wear hats. To avoid hats without hats, almost all other 

types are suitable. A person with a round face generally does not have a strong three-dimensional 

appearance. A simple style cap can achieve a neutral effect.

Tips: The point of a round-faced person with a hat is to try to choose a hat with a long longitudinal 

length. Don't wear it too deeply when wearing it, expose the forehead and stretch the face upwards.

2, oval face

People with long faces should remember that those slender hats and tall hats on the top will have an 

elongated effect on the face, so use them with caution. Please choose a flat low hat, Monaco hunting 

cap, Cap and laminated piech hat.

Tips: Choose a hat that is unadorned and simple. If you encounter some occasions such as wearing a top 

hat, you can push the hat backwards and try to wear it as deep as possible so that you can cover your 

long face and look better.


3, square face

The person with a square face is mainly because the jaw is too wide, resulting in a sharp edge. Please try 

to choose a hat with a hat width wider than the width of your face from the front. To have a certain 

volume, it is not recommended to wear a hat that is too flat at the top.

Tips: Decorating some small ornaments on the top of your hat will make the overall effect the best.

4, heart face

Can also be called melon face. First of all, you have to choose a hat with a narrow, deep hat. The top hat 

is more suitable for the inverted triangle than the top hat. For women, choosing a round hat will better 

reflect the beauty of your chin, while a narrower front hat will make your pointed chin look stylish. A 

baseball cap, a cap, and a tirolean hat are recommended here.

Tips: Don't wear it too shallow, wear it deep, and wear it on your head.


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