What Should The Old People Pay Attention To When They Choose A Hat?

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Wearing cap not only has the function of beautifying the instrument, but also has the practical function of maintaining the thermal balance of the human body. In clothing hygiene, the value of heat dissipation is greater than the calorific value, which is called "hot debt". The experiment shows that in general, when "hot debt" is less than 105 joules, the human body is basically in the comfort state; when "hot debt" exceeds 6 x 105 joules, people feel cold. Some people abroad test the role of the hat. It was found that at 0 degrees centigrade, in the rest of the state, two of the people in the Arctic suit, compared with the cap, were more than 105 joules per hour. Test figures show that the function of hat is mainly to regulate "hot debt" and maintain the body's thermal balance. Wear it is not due to excessive head heat caused by heat changes in the body, is not easy to cause the cold feeling.

The material of hat should be soft, light and warm. People with sebaceous glands with strong functions and more hair fat should wear breathable and lightweight cap, and wash them regularly to remove oil stains and sweat stains in time. Weak easy to catch a cold one, made of wool or to woolen hat. It is cold in winter in the north of China and can be used in fur cap.  People with high blood pressure should not be too heavy or too tight to prevent headache. A new hat should be considered if it is skin urticaria or bronchial asthma after wearing it. No matter what hat, don't borrow each other, to avoid the spread of tinea capitis.

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