What Is The Process Of The Hat Factory

- Jul 26, 2018 -

As the saying goes, no rules are not square. It means that no matter what you do, you must have a set of 

rules and regulations. You must have a certain process to follow, and the process is more important for 

production. In fact, the same is true for hats, no matter what it is. The hats all need to follow a certain 

process. I will introduce it below.

Let's see how the hat factory does the hating process.

The process of making a hat can be roughly divided into: cutting - sewing - printing, embroidery - sweat 

band - packaging

1, cutting

(1) According to the order requirements, the cutting personnel select fabrics, color cards, knife molds, 

arrange the fabric broaching machine and calculate the number of knives for the batch of fabrics, and 

cut them into pieces with a press.

(2) Eye-catching, According to the customer's order requirements, select different models and use the 

tie to make holes.

(3) Top buckle cloth, According to the size of the button, select the corner fabric and tie the top buckle 

cloth with the top tie machine.

(4) Ironing lining, According to the order, the soft lining is selected, and the cap and the lining are 

attached together by a lining machine.

(S) cloth tape, According to the size of the various buckles and the width of the tape, select the cutting 

material to cut the cloth with a cloth cutting machine.

2, sewing

(1) Pre-payment Before the front page is paid, the side of the shoulder is short on the right side and the 

upper side is on the right side.

(2) Post-paying After the alignment, the middle page is pressed. On the reverse side, there is a shoulder 

on one side, that is, the left side is short, and the upper side without pressure is the right side.

(3) Double front page, double needle net Select the same color open center sewing machine to suture 

with sewing machine.

(4) Bundle in the middle of the bundle. Use the same color one or two seam heads, the front side can 

not see the double needle cloth can not wrinkle.

(5) Chinese stocks After paying the color before and after, the stitches are one.

(6) Double needles Use the same thread color stitching as the double front page double needle net.

(7) The strip is flush with the edge of the cap and is sewn with a sewing machine.

(8) The amount of the upper core is pressed against the lower eyebrow and the sandwich is placed in the 

middle of the sandwich.

(9) Inter-line Determine several lines of lines, and perform double-needle color matching for running.

(10) High head Check whether the size of the cap is suitable, the tightness of the sweat band, and the 

Han belt and trademark.

(11) Open line According to the needs of customers, it is generally the same color as the crown.

(12) The tail buckle The size of the hat, the color of the thread, pay attention to the stitches, do not 

reflect, depending on the customer requirements.

(13) Top buckle With the top buckle cloth in the middle, pay attention to the positive and negative of 

the cloth, not sturdy, to be strong.

(14) Trimming head After the whole hat is finished, remove the excess thread.


3, printing spicy U embroidery

According to the order requirements, manual printing on the printing line for printing labels or 

embroidery in the embroidery workshop

4, Han belt

(1) Running a roll of cloth and a 4 horror, according to customer requirements, width and narrowness 

according to order requirements and fabrics

(2)Run Han belt according to the order requirements, choose the sponge, needle, cotton, no anti-cloth, 

do not run the dew, do not jump

5, packaging

(1) Shaping According to the order requirements, use the ironing machine line to shape and iron the hat, 

check the front page, double needle, high head line straight, top buckle with or without falling off, 

playing tag, mixing, sticking stickers, etc. 

(2) Packing the box for ironing and labeling, according to the request, how many bags, how many boxes, 

how many boxes, and finally sealed, sent to the warehouse.

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