What Hat Is Better To Wear In Winter?

- Jan 16, 2019 -

As the winter approaches, we can choose some hats that can keep warm and decorate our own clothing. 

But in the face of a wide variety of hats with different styles, we can choose which ones are more 

suitable for us. Let's take a look at the appropriate winter hats recommended by Xiaobian.

Different face types wear different types of hats, people with face shape are suitable to wear all kinds of 

hats, but the depth of the hat type should be moderate, to expose about 1/3 of the face shape; square 

face, hat shape should be proportionally higher, suitable for Cowboy hats, curling caps, hats, etc.; round 

face, hat should be designed as a pointed shape or a polygon, suitable for berets, caps, etc.; long face, 

hat should not be too high, otherwise the face will appear longer, The face is best exposed 2/3, suitable 

for fisherman hats, big hats, etc.

beanie dark2

The combination of hat and skin color is also very important. People with ruddy complexion can 

coordinate with many colors, but don't wear too red hats; yellow skin is suitable for wearing dark brown 

and beige ash hats, and should not wear yellow and green hats; dark skin should pay attention to the 

overall effect of dress when choosing hats. According to the clothing to match the hat effect; white skin 

people, the hat is suitable for more colors, but because the skin is too white, it is easy to give people a 

feeling of weakness, so choose the color to avoid white or similar color.

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