These Five Tricks Are Enough For You To Pick The Hat That Suits You

- Jul 03, 2018 -

There are many styles of hats. How to pick a question is really a university question. A good hat makes 

you look good and eye-catching. A bad hat makes you feel listless and hides the crowd. In fact, a suitable

hat and clothes pants are the same. What places should I pay attention to?


The hat has the same size problem as the clothes and pants. Please measure the head circumference 

before purchasing the hat. The 21~22吋 is medium head type, but it is like clothes. The size of each 

house and each item are different. Finally Still have to try it on.

2. Face type

The face type and the hat type are closely related. First, observe your face shape, and then choose the 

hat type according to the face type. For example, if the face is long, it will look longer if you wear a 

smaller hat. You should choose a wide-brimmed style to wear. The small face wearing a large French 

straw hat is not balanced, not to mention that the narrow cap will make the wide-faced person appear 

wider, the key point is: balance.


3. Style

Before you buy a hat, you should first check if there is any item that can be matched with the wardrobe. 

Like the French girl who is usually elegant, it is a little conflict to buy a rough cowboy hat; the sports girl 

wears a dome hat? Or it is tomboy. Girls plus French 70's wide hat? Unless you have absolute 

confidence, I believe that you can perfectly blend two different styles, or please don't try too different 


4. Modification

The hat is as good as the hairstyle. After you wear it, make sure it doesn't magnify your shortcomings 

and hide your strengths. How to judge? Try to feel that your face looks smaller and your cheekbones 

don't stand out. The hair looks more fluffy...etc. When the part you didn't like disappeared, the hat is 

"The One."

5.Hair style

In the summer, everyone likes to wear a straw hat on the street, go to the beach like a short-haired girl 

chooses a straw hat. It is recommended to wear a straw hat with a narrower brim, while a long-haired 

girl (if it has a better curl) can choose a French wide-woven Wearing a straw hat will definitely not violate 

your hair style!

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