The Only Difference Between You And The Host Of Korean Dramas Is A Hat

- Jul 31, 2018 -

After watching so many Korean dramas, do you always think that the heroine of Korean dramas is super 

good-looking no matter how she dresses casually?In fact, you and the Korean drama heroine's clothing, 

perhaps just a hat off.And winter hats are not only warm, they are also great for shaping your face and 

covering up your dirty hair when you don't want to wash it.

I. knitted hat

This is the most classic style, no matter men and women, young or old, it looks very stylish.This also is 

the girl winter concave modelling must have, no matter what hairstyle, what face shape, this kind of hat 

can digest very well, very recommend!

This knitted hat is a classic style, and it's wider, so don't be afraid of the big girls.

2.Wool ball knitted hat


No matter what single product, add MAO qiu can become lovely, hat is no exception.The soft hat itself, 

plus cute fur balls.That's the capital soft cute.Want to become lovely in winter. That comes to a hair ball 

cap to suit absolutely.

This hair ball cap is coarse hair line, be like the grandmother knitted when I was a child, integral add 

down, keep warm one hundred!Lovely!

3: the cap

The cap has also survived in fashion for years.Practical good looks can quite modify the face shape.The 

style of the cap is suitable for all seasons of the year.

This is a special mariner's cap. It's not stiff at all.The fabric is suede fabric of fir ta, suitable for autumn 

and winter, very warm.

4: beret

Beret is today's big recommendation, this year is again blowing a beret high wind ah, fashion is really a 

circle.Berets are retro and refreshing, literary and fashionable and stylish.Wear on the head, show a big 

hat cornice, still very show a face small.

This beret is non-woollen mixed, it is warm and comfortable.The collocation of hat also can reflect 

fashionable feeling very much, do fashionable person together!

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