Shenzhen Aungcrown Caps Factory Not Only Do OEM, But Also Develop Our Own Brand

- Dec 28, 2018 -

ShenZhen Aung Crown Hat Co., Ltd. is a 18-year focus on custom hat production hat factory, pick up the hat OEM list, but also in the invisible development of their own corporate brand, do ODM is not only for customers to do processing, more or let us this enterprise in the management, manpower, There is the technical level above the promotion, whether in production or development and design is already maturing stage, 5000 square meters of plant, the daily production of more than 2000 hats has been our daily standardization, of course, the development is never stop, only continuous innovation to enhance strength, when others know your products,

Take it in your hand, it's already a brand, and it's already acquiesced in its quality. For some hat manufacturers corporate brands and product brands, should be based on their own stage of development and the strength of the company to consider, ShenZhen Aung Crown Hat Co., Ltd. based on 18 years of customization experience for some of the processing trade, ODM OEM is not only for their own business to lay a good foundation,

Development of the most important is not only to enhance their own product brand a value, but also to enhance the intangible assets of an enterprise-corporate brand.

 Product positioning of ShenZhen Aung Crown Hat Industry Co., Ltd. According to the 18 brand hat customization experience, has been doing is the middle and higher level of hat products, in the international market above, Aung Crown Hat Industry Co., Ltd. Hat customization in the midrange grade, generally with our cooperation of customers are foreign large-scale brands and chain brands, etc.

This is very beneficial to the development of a class of our hat brand.

 Future development direction of Shenzhen Aung Crown Hat Co., Ltd. In the case of business more and more, we will absorb more excellent design talent, expand the scale of our factory, ShenZhen Aung Crown Hat Industry Co., Ltd. will be expanded with their own brand awareness, so that customers who come to order cooperation can receive products faster, Do a good job after-sales service is we have been in the industry to maintain a good reputation.

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