Matching Points For Face And Hat

- Apr 13, 2018 -

At ordinary times we will choose the choice of the hat to choose the right hat with their own face, different face type people suitable for the hat is different, then do you know what type of face is suitable for wearing what kind of hat, and what is the relationship between the face and the hat when you choose the hat?

The face, the long hair, most of the hat style is all right, the beret can, around is also good, hair long reasons do not wear ear decoration, warm words without long hair line hat is also very good. It is recommended that you actually try and buy it again. The difference between the same style is quite large.

If it is a long face, it will not be ugly to wear any hat, but wearing a truck hat will be very fashionable. Wearing a duck's cap is quite natural, but not wearing a sun helmet. It's all round on all sides.

Human faces are divided into egg type, fat type, square type and national character type. Fat face if people wear dome cap will display the face, small cap, if the selection of large peaked cap is more appropriate. Egg shaped face of the person wearing it face more peaked cap large small, more thin. It is better to choose a dome cap. It is relatively easy for people with face and face to choose a hat. People with short neck don't choose colorful caps. Eyebrow and eyes clear, slim people can choose the color more colourful or romantic hat.

In short, the hat must match the face shape properly, so that we can have a symmetrical sense of beauty.

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