How To Match Knitted Hats With Pants

- Jan 15, 2019 -

Cold wind, not only want to keep warm, but also worried about the shape of the effect will be greatly reduced, may as well take a certain knitted hat, cute and warm.

Let's take a look at how knitted hats are paired with pants!

1. Knitted caps + Shorts

Pink Mickey Mouse Pattern T full of teenage style, with small black shorts has been very good-looking, coffee boots with small shorts revealed a bit of sexy taste, red knitted hat embellished among them, flowing feeling of long hair swinging with the wind, especially female charm!

2. Knitted hat + Jeans

The white letter T uses a long design, is a very popular style this year, paired with foot jeans is particularly trendy oh, pink knitted hat design unique, wearing it has made you a great charm, looks particularly interesting.

3. Knitted hat + strap pants

 Tide full Pattern tee visual effect is particularly good, khaki trousers have a winter feeling, this year's special popular straps and T-shirts together full of street style, brown red knitted hat and khaki trousers in the color is very blend, very good-looking match Oh!

How to wear a knitted hat with pants

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