How To Choose The Color When The Hat Is Made

- Apr 13, 2018 -

When a lot of guests are making a hat, they choose a simple style, but they often get entangled in the choice of color, because the same type of hat in the same quantity, adding color is required to improve the unit price.

When doing flat cap, there will be a lot of space to choose, some of them are very fancy, but this kind of hat gives a lot of people the feeling of COOLCOOL, and the favor of many young people.

The best choice for making such a hat is black. Why is that? The first color, suitable for many kinds of clothes, second of the color of the hat is relatively neutral, suitable for a wide range of people, the third is that the hat is dirty, and the hat can not be machine washed, so it saves many lazy people's trouble.

In addition to the black choice, the hat is also very good. The price is also the same as pure color when the order is large.

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