How To Choose And Buy Sun Hat Sun Hat Strategy To Share

- Jun 22, 2018 -


Wearing a suitable sun hat in summer can not only block the sun, protect the skin, but also play a decorative role.So how do you buy a sun hat?


The person that summer is in field operation chooses sun hat, should notice its shading function basically, all sorts of straw hat of light color, wide edge and working cap are most appropriate.The person that indoor job, wear only on commutation, should highlight its adornment function in design and colour respect.


For women with a well-proportioned body, there is more room for a sunhat.Women with short and fat bodies should try to choose a light-colored, narrow - brimmed hat.For people with a short neck, it is more appropriate to wear a half-brim and a narrow brim.People with white skin can choose colorful hats.The person of color of skin slants black should choose the sun hat of weak red, chrysanthemum yellow, shallow gray.


The female that leaves long hair, choose to wear the sun hat of all round wide edge, can receive protect hair to avoid bask in the effect;For people with short hair, wear a wide or narrow hat.


Young people choose a bright color, innovative style of the sun hat, conducive to foil the enthusiastic and lively personality;Middle-aged people emphasize generous, mature and steady age characteristics.In addition, when choosing a hat, pay attention to whether it matches your temperament.Lively and active girl can choose color contrast bright, design slightly exaggerated can highlight individual character cool hat.And as a professional woman, should choose the cool hat that can show a dry and not lack feminine flavour.

You should also pay attention to the coordination with other accessories when buying cool hats so that they match properly.For example, hats and glasses are very close to each other. When choosing hats, you should also pay attention to matching the shape, pattern and color of the glasses.

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