How Canadian Hat Makers Seize Opportunities In The Consumer Sector

- Dec 25, 2018 -

This is an era of internet transformation and upgrading, traditional enterprises do not transform and upgrade is tantamount to death, with the changes of the times, people's consumption ideas and habits have undergone tremendous changes. Many people still think that consumer upgrading refers to the pursuit of brand or buy more expensive things, but this is only a shallow level, is the previous generation of consumers to pursue. A new generation of consumers pay more attention to the drive of emotion, which is based on the classification of self-attributes by users. 

Know them to find a way to talk to them. 

  1. Understanding changes in the population and the environment

  2.  Find the pivot of the pry industry

  3. Can not rely on the stock, to rely on the incremental  of course.   

you have to read the industry, there is from a height down to see the industry's ability, the industrial chain is actually like a river, some places are very deep and fast, some places are very shallow You have to judge where wide and shallow, in a relatively shallow place, so as to establish their own industry voice and competition barriers.

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