Four Winter Hats Choose The Right One To Change The Tide Man

- Jan 22, 2019 -

The most brilliant single thing in winter is the hat, as long as wearing a hat suitable for their own, both warm and temperament has a type. Reporters on the streets of Lacheng found that as long as wearing the right hat, can instantly become a tide. 

  Now to recommend the hottest 4 hats this winter, quickly find the best hat for their own and go out. Beret: This winter, berets are pushed to the top of the trend by fashion designers. It is retro and modern, naturally with an elegant and playful feeling, the very French elegant bell-shaped hat by the fashion people's warm pursuit. 

  Whether it's commuting or traveling with friends on weekends, you might as well choose a woolen or wool beret to succeed in changing temperament beauty. Knitted hat: Knitted hat has three advantages: increase, tender, warm! Both boys and girls can wear it. 

  Autumn and winter costumes most of the color is more dark, want to create bright spots for the overall shape, the reporter suggested that you can choose bold saturated bright color knitted hat, paired with hip-hop or Hanliu and other styles, go out must be eye-catching fashionable look! Hair Ball Cap: The woolly ball cap is a knitted cap with a woolly ball at the top. The top of the wool hat is set on the side of the woolly ball, is the necessary magic weapon to reduce the age, the first choice of the girl. 

  Some people may think that the addition of wool ball knitted hat is too cute, is the girl will wear the style, but in fact, as long as pay attention to the selection, the boy Satjipanon hair cap can also highlight the amiable big boy temperament, very suitable for the college style dress. Wide eaves woolen hat: extremely elegant and handsome as one style of the wide eaves woolen hat, has been the pursuit of fashion people. If your face is slightly larger, then this hat is simply custom-made for you, it can not only cover the face of imperfect lines, but also concave shape, is the wardrobe must be the necessary fashion items. In color, it is best to choose black, earth color and gray system, because it is not to pick people, but also to good chance you stylish and handsome.

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