For The Caps, How Much Do You Know?

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Hats, a type of clothing worn on the head, can cover the entire top of the head. Hats are mainly used to 

protect the head, some hats have prominent edges that can cover the sun. Hats have functions such as 

shade, decoration, warming, and protection, so there are many types and there are many choices.

Hats can also be used for dress up. First of all, choose the right hat according to the face type. Second, 

according to their own body to choose hats. Wearing a hat, like wearing clothes, try to avoidweaknesses. 

The form and color of the hat must be matched with clothing. Hats can also be used to protect hair, 

cover baldness, or as part of a uniform or religious dress. Different kinds, such as high hats, sun hats, etc. 

Some hats have an outwardly extending canopy called a visor. Hats have different rituals in different 

cultures. This is especially important in Western cultures, because wearing hats was a symbol of social 

status in the past.


Baseball Cap: The reason why we call a baseball cap is that the American baseball team's players mostly 

wear a baseball cap during the game, so many fans will wear the hat of their favorite team. It is a style 

hat with the highest market penetration rate; the technology of baseball caps; baseball caps require less 

material and LOGO craftsmanship; it is simple to make, and the stitching and color matching are also 

flexible with accessories; the prominent mark is the curved cap tongue.

Sports caps: Mainly hats worn during sports, more styles, generally made of relatively light fabrics, 

splicing more; relatively high quality requirements; LOGO embroidered, printed, plastic chapter!

The matching method of the sports cap: The sports cap is always a symbol of youthful vitality, giving a 

relaxed and natural impression! <Spring and Summer>: Suitable for all kinds of T-shirts, shirts, jeans, 

vest skirts, or simple Cotton dress.

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