Which kind of hat is warmer for children in winter?

- Jan 02, 2019 -

After the heavy snow festival, the temperature dropped a lot, and the winter came so fast and fierce 

that many friends were caught off guard. If you don’t need a hat to go out a few days ago, then 

when you go out these days, the hat becomes a must-have item. If you don’t have a hat, you can’t 

really get frozen. If you are going to buy a hat for your child, what style is better for your child? Let's 

take a look at it with Xiaobian now.

Buying hats for children in winter is naturally a warmer wool cap. Very red temperament red hat, 

pointed position with fur ball decoration, the overall design is simple and better to look at, wearing 

on the head is more warm double. The red hat color of the little girl is relatively more complicated. 

The design of the jacquard is quite Christmas, with the shape of the ear protector, the warmth is 

more lovely.

beanie hat

The design of the wool cap is also very good-looking. The black, red, white and gray colors are 

matched in four colors, which look lively and stylish. The striped style is decorated with fur balls. The 

overall value of the hat is super high. It is not only warm, but also easy to make color. Whether it is 

matched with plain clothing or colored clothing, it is very suitable for children. A winter hat.

There is also the design of the jacquard wool cap, which is still the shape of the ear protector. This 

kind of wool cap will be more convenient on the trip. A hat has three functions, not only the head, 

the ear protector, but also the neck and the scarf. The wide-faced hat hem can be knotted as a scarf 

for practical use and convenience.

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