What kind of knit hat is best in winter

- Nov 16, 2018 -

This winter seems to be entering the most boring time, the day is getting shorter and shorter, the 

wind is getting more and more, the ears near the face are often frozen and the white is red, and a 

knit hat seems to be the most Good choice. Follow me and see what kind of match is best for you.

The common three colors of the deep winter coat are black gray camels, and the hats are slightly 

different. Its common three colors are black and white, which is both good and concave.

black winter beanie hats

The best is the most classic and most inclusive color.


The properties of the gray cap and the black cap are similar, but the combination is softer. Maybe 

your black hat should be cleaned and then you don't want to make everyone feel sick that there is 

only one black hat. Then try the double gray hat.



For white warmest winter caps, wearing a large white piece over a large area will make the white knit 

cap more suitable.

Green hat green hat green oil

Although the hat of this color is not easy to hear, it is very good to wear the color~ especially the 

combination of green and warm orange. This color is the first choice of retro, the retro style is not 

popular at the moment. . Biber is still very fearless, and the green knit hat with oily light is still so 

handsome~ So boldly open the prejudice, follow the green hat fashion, and bring along the beautiful 

red together.

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