What is the purchase of a hat?

- Jan 07, 2019 -

Many people may not know that choosing a hat is a trick. In order to make the face look less full, you 

can choose a longer cap plus an asymmetric hat, which can increase the length of the face and 

appear stereo. The octagonal cap is also suitable for round-faced women, and the exaggerated brim 

will make the face feel smaller. People with short necks should not choose colorful hats.

A person with a clear eyebrow and a tall body can choose a hat with a brighter color or a romantic 


People with flat facial features, wearing a mushroom-shaped artist's hat, don't put all the hair into the 

hat, and put a little bangs to make the face look smaller.

In general, the position of the hat on the top of the eyebrows will be very attractive, but the person 

with a short face can wear the hat slightly backwards; while the friend with a round face or a big face 

can wear the hat to the side, there will be Reduce the effect of the face.

Hat and skin tone

For people with ruddy skin, choose a hat that has a wide range of colors and can be coordinated with 

many colors.

Gray-skinned people, suitable for low-purity intermediate colors, such as jade white, stone green, 

light blue, brown, lavender, etc., do not choose gorgeous colors.


For people with white skin, hats are more suitable for color, but since white skin is easy to give 

people a soft feeling, when choosing a hat, avoid choosing white or nearly white color.

When people with dark skin choose a hat with bright colors, pay attention to the overall effect of the 


People with yellow skin should not wear yellow and green hats, but if they match the dark brown, 

purple lotus, crab green, rice gray and other colored hats with clothing, they can also achieve better 


Hat and body

The taller hat should not be too small, otherwise it will give people a sense of lightness.

The thin and thin hat should be small and not big, otherwise it will give a top-heavy feeling.

Short women should not wear flat-topped wide-brimmed hats, and tall women should not wear high-


Choosing a hat should be done to avoid weaknesses, and it is necessary to wear it properly and make 

others look good.

As for a petite person, if you can choose a hat that is similar in color to the clothes, the upper and 

lower body colors are similar or echo each other, which will have the effect of lengthening the figure.

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