What is the material of the summer hat?

- Jun 29, 2018 -

What is the material of the summer hat? This summer, the material of the custom-made hat is still 

rich and colorful. The summer hat is made of many materials, such as nylon, straw, hemp, gauze, 

cotton, etc., and the style is more varied, whether it is from the pattern color or Styles give people a 

fresh look. Here are some hats and their matching for your reference.


1, sports cap

This summer's sports cap is the most popular style with a large cotton or denim texture. The colors 

are mainly black and white, and there are also many beautiful print patterns that are suitable for 

young girls. The tall girl, wearing a sports cap, has a cool British air.


2, dome narrow cap

There are two main styles for the top hat. The first is the deeper hat barrel, the narrow hat and roll, 

the decorative flowers close to the brim at the gorgeous and somewhat exaggerated, my6_7fs 

matched with a georgette printed low-waisted dress, especially the Hollywood-like retro taste of 30-

40s. . Another type of narrow-brimmed hat, also known as a fishing hat, is mainly cotton. The front 

edge of the hat is turned upside-down and has a full summer sense of relaxation.


3, wide-brimmed hat

The wide-brimmed hat is also the lady hat in the usual sense. Because the style of the wide-brimmed 

hat is elegant and noble, it is very popular with the white-collar lady. Its material is generally based 

on the light and elegant hemp yarn, and now there are many special synthetic fabrics. In addition to 

the wide caps, these hats are a highlight of the transformation of the hat shape. Whether it is lotus 

leaf or curling or irregular shape, it gives a fresh and elegant feeling. This hat is perfect for skirts with 

larger skirts.


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