What is the difference between a sweater and a T-shirt?

- Jan 08, 2019 -

1, wear the season is not the same. Sweatshirts tend to be thicker, and many of them are velvet 

inside to make them more warm, more suitable for winter and early spring and some cold seasons, 

while t-shirts are lighter and thinner, suitable for spring and summer streets.

2, the style of the sweater is numerous, the head section, the cardigan section, the loose style and so 

on. T-shirts usually show people in round necks, but the types of prints are classified in detail. It 

includes: partial printing, tattoo printing, water-based pigment printing, glue printing, thermosetting 

ink printing, embroidered T-shirt, etc.


3, the sweater is generally cotton-based, or a little blended, is a knitted terry cloth (three-line weft), 

the front is a knit pattern, inside is a loop, if it is napped, it is called flannel. The commonly used 

fabrics for T-shirts are cotton + polyester, cotton, cotton + Lycra, mercerized cotton, double 

mercerized cotton, etc. Most of them are based on cotton. Of course, this is related to the wearing 

season of the T-shirt. It must be breathable, sweat-absorbent, and skin-friendly. This also determines 

that its material is not cotton.

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