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- Nov 23, 2018 -

The side-strap low hair can definitely make you a beautiful face. The center of gravity of this hairpin is 

on the lower right side of the head, while the center of gravity of the beret is on the upper left side. 

The human eye has reached a unique balance under the tension of the two, and it is no wonder that 

their matching makes people feel so harmonious.

Three-step method

1.Use a curling iron to inward the curling hair. First use a curling iron to wind the hair of the long 

straight hair. The key point is the method of rolling, all of which are rolled inward, and do not roll to 

the hair root position. It will show a natural curl, then loosen the hair. For girls with curly hair, you can 

omit the above steps and use the combing technique to make the hair ends.

2.hand combing loose loose side ponytail Put your hair with your fingers to the right side of the ear, 

use the hair band to tie the side of the ponytail, the key is that the ponytail should not be too tight, it 

will appear rigid.

divided into 3 arcs into a circular arc fixed hair divided into, respectively, rolled into an arc shape, 

3.fixed with the hair clip on the upper, middle and lower sides of the hair ring, the key point is thatthe 

hair tip part should be hidden in the circle The center of the arc, otherwise it will be messy, then spray 

a small amount of shaping spray.

BN000332 (6)

Special tips are suitable: girls with a gentle personality and a more perfect personality; an elliptical

face or an elongated face will be suitable for this hairpin, but the square face and the fat round face 

are not recommended to try; There are certain requirements for long hair, long hair with long hair or 

long hair with a small tail. The difference between straight hair and curly hair is only slightly adjusted 

in the steps. Dealing with Liu Haier: It is best to treat Liu Haier into a slanting, slightly revealing a 

squat on the left side, and sorting out the curling degree inward, giving a feeling of randomness and 


Choosing a hat: This hairpin is very low, so it is also suitable for this year's popular bell-shaped cap, 

but it is best not to match casual styles, such as a cap or a knitted hat, which will conflict with the 

style of the hairpin. .

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