The hat is fashionable or earthy, the gap is here

- Dec 18, 2018 -

The snow has arrived, the ice is cold, and the attachment to the hat is not only because of "not 

washing your hair".It is just like a scarf, it becomes a warm and fashionable match that I have every 

day. This year's navy caps and berets are red, and there are girls' favorite baseball caps and warm 

essential wool caps that can't be bought.

Newsboy hat

This year's hottest hat is also not a newspaper hat. Almost every model on this autumn and winter 

show has a top on the head. Recently, I have found many girls wearing them. The neutral and 

handsome newsboy hat is the heart of a fashionable little fairy, and it can be matched with any style 

of clothes. It is properly shaped and practical. When the newsboy hat meets the cowboy wear, it is 

also a combination of high return rate, which can highlight its playful feeling and the effect of age 

reduction is also obvious. With a knit sweater, the handsome and neutral newsboy hat can neutralize 

its gentleness and versatility.

One of the reasons for the newsboy's hat fire is that it can wear what face type, how to wear it is 

fashionable! However, taking a more sculpt face, leaving a few smashed hair looks better.


The beret that is easy to see in fashion magazines this year shows how fashionable it is. From the 

summer fire to the winter, it becomes a fashionable piece with a hand. The woolen beret is also the 

most versatile style in winter. It is beautiful and warm to wear. Commuting and dating can be 

competent. If you can only buy a beret, I will definitely choose the leather, because it is the most 

fashionable and practical, can be worn all year round.

How to wear fashion?

There is not much restriction on wearing the law. There is no problem in wearing it, pulling it back, 

and wearing it on the side. It depends on the shape of the face and the shape that needs to be 


Curly hair with a beret, more flavor than straight hair. Use a large curling iron to layer your hair in 

different angles at the inside and outside, and finally use a comb to comb the long hair with a 



Wool cap

The wool cap is not only a magical thing, but also inferior in the concave shape! First of all, we must 

eliminate the impression that the wool caps are cute and cute. The wool caps can also be matched 

with a serious commuter, and there is no contradiction at all. The windbreaker has already been 

handed, but have you ever thought about matching it with a wool cap? Of course, there are also pre-

emptive conditions. The style of the sweater hats for commuting should not be too fancy at first, and 

the color is also biased towards the selected color. When paired with a neutral style, you can use a 

wool cap to reduce the overall dullness, making the look age and fashionable. Of course, the wool 

cap of the casual attribute is more suitable for the mix and match. For example, even at a high 

temperature of 39 degrees, the knitted sweater caps that the hipsters will still wear.

Baseball cap

Even if it’s not a hipster, there will be more or less one or two baseball caps, which are the most 

utilized caps regardless of whether they are shade or wind. Knitted dresses are the most conservative 

choice for winter outfits, but with a baseball cap you can bring a new look! This year's popular velvet 

baseball caps and velvet slings are handsome and sexy, but because the velvet baseball caps are very 

"collapsed", it is easy to show their faces, so I suggest you choose them carefully.

Wearing a baseball cap should not be too much, remember to put your hair behind your ear with a 

baseball cap, revealing a big ear with a shape and attitude, the trend girl is you!

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