Quality requirements for making hats

- Apr 13, 2018 -

The quality of the hat is as follows:

1. needle distance must be maintained at 3cm/10-12 between needle

2. hats are generally with sweat sweat bands within the exergy non-woven paper with 70g and 85g two general requirements for white color exergy exergy not yellow

In general, outside the mouth sealing tape at 3.

4. pull sweat bands must not be smooth initiation especially part of exergy exergy peak peak is not too large stitch pull part

5. top button has three corners and two corners of the three corners of the general use of exergy exergy more generally at least can withstand 15 pounds of pull

The main color 6. rust eye must wear the color of exergy General requirements and hat

In the middle of the cap of the 7. hat factory, the middle part of the hat is generally embroidered and the position of the PVC standard is generally located on the lower edge of the 2cm-2.5cm. And so on.

8. ironing sew parts shall be flat temperature exergy general requirement is in 105 degrees -110 degrees exergy time is generally in the 7s-8s.

9. hat size must correct ring

10. when the peak position must be centered not exergy exergy deviation.

11. the corners of Velcro usually need to be trimmed into fillet.

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