If you don't even match, don't say that you are a mashup

- Nov 26, 2018 -

The mix of fashion circles can be described in a variety of ways. Among them, Mix and Match, as a 

large faction, is also a fashion show for everyone. Of course, if the mashup is too artificial and 

contrary to fashion trends, it will not escape the jokes of the public talks. Its weight is also in the 

industry, and it is easy to fly.

Many people actually mix and match in their lifetime, but in the eyes of some high-end fashion 

people, it is just a word: village. Why is that?

Because if you only have a jacket with a pair of sweatpants and a pair of shoes, then you can't even 

match, how can you mix and match?

The so-called mashup can be a combination of different styles or values that are far apart, but must 

have their own style.


The variability of mashups is almost ubiquitous, for the simple reason that you only need to follow 

certain principles to construct your own style. Combine or superimpose a number of things that are 

not in the original side to enhance the effect. This kind of pseudo-innovation that approximates 

innovation can be said to blur the boundaries and at the same time clear the boundaries.

There are too many mashups and sometimes cumbersome.

As we all know, simple fashion is more popular. If men can learn the mix of two or two on the front 

line of the trend, it is also cute.

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