Autumn and winter hats match the rules to make you second fashion

- Dec 07, 2018 -

In the autumn and winter season, a hat can light your body shape, as a must-have fashion item for 

the winter, the woolen hat has always been the heart of fashion darling love. Let's take a look at the 

matching of woolen hats!

The hard-hitting wide-brimmed hat looks low-key and generous, and women wear a different sense 

of fashion. The matching coat not only can look more neat and tidy, but also can be compared with 

the silhouette coat to modify the body shape.

The softer lotus leaf wide-brimmed hat is a bit more elegant and feminine, with a temperament coat, 

it seems quite a lady.

The beret has the advantage of improving the femininity, and it is not only traditional hat design and 

wearing, but also looks very fashionable and stylish, with the coat looks youthful and energetic.

In the winter, knit hats are more fashionable choices for women. The knit hat has good warmth, 

modified head shape, and the effect of age reduction. With the coat, it is not only more warm and 

comfortable, but also shows elegance in minutes!

The solid knit hat is perfect for a casual minimalist style, with a grey coat, and this unique minimalist 

style can make a difference.


Woolen hat washing instructions:

1. Use a tape or rubber roller to remove surface dust.

2. Spray the surface of the hat evenly with a neutral spray dry cleaning agent, brush the surface with a 

dry brush, and dry naturally.

3, the surface of the hat can be fumigated with steam, brushed with a dry brush, and naturally dried.

4, wool hat, do not wash, because the wool will shrink. If the hat is stained with dust or pet hair, etc., 

you can use wide-faced tape, reverse folding sleeve on the finger to remove the surface dust. The 

wool hat does not need to After cleaning, it is easy to shorten the life. If it is not necessary to clean, 

dry cleaning is the most appropriate way.

5, when not wearing, it is best to use the cap or box, to avoid extrusion, place the dry place.

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