About the classification of hats, how much do you know?

- Jan 22, 2019 -

1, sports caps: always a symbol of youthful vitality, giving people a relaxed, natural impression! 

Spring Summer: Suitable for all kinds of T-shirts, shirts, jeans, tank tops, or simple cotton dresses. 

Autumn and winter: suitable for corduroy pants, jeans, denim, hooded coats, baseball jackets, large 


2, disc cap: disc caps are suitable for all ages, wool woven, flannel, woolen material, linen and other 

discs of different materials, almost suitable for a variety of clothing combinations, may wish to try. 

Spring summer: T-shirts, jeans, plaid shirts, long dresses, mini skirts, flared pants, and tight-fitting 

dresses are all suitable. Is it almost all? Autumn and winter: denim jacket, big sweater, multi-level 

dress, hardwear... Let's just say it! It may be possible to dress up in addition to being too formal or 

too sporty.

3, plush cap: just in a burst of RAP wind blowing, the plush cap suddenly ran across the street! This 

kind of plush hat with a little sense of humor, in winter, completely achieves the role of heating and 

shape. Girls with Taihao cards may not be suitable for matching, because the taste is wrong, but it will 

become a bit funny. Autumn and winter: big sweaters, plaid shirts, denim clothes, jumpsuits, baseball 

jackets, suspenders, tight-fitting dresses, tight-fitting shirts + short skirts.


4. Dome narrow-necked hat: The hat is made of more ornate material flannel or so, so it has different 

flavors and matching methods. Spring and summer: the style is simple but the texture is good, the 

multi-layered long dress is suitable, but you need to pay attention to the color coordination. Autumn 

and winter: high-waist dolls, threaded mesh vests or dresses, short-waist blazers + long skirts, close-

fitting sweaters + short/long skirts with the same material are better.

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