A problem of baseball cap

- Apr 13, 2018 -

A baseball cap called duck tongue visor, also called the bongrace. So the core of the tongue is called the eyebrow core.

Every baseball cap needs a tongue core. The size, shape and quality of tongue core directly affect cap shape and quality. Generally speaking, the width of the tongue core of adult hat is about 18-18.5CM, the length is 7CM, and the 9CM is longer.

The outer arc tongue core, not a standard, but can not remember too sharp, too thin, too, be natural radian. Generally speaking, the inner arcs are easy to be ignored. This is really important. It must match the helmet, especially the two corners, or it will affect the cap shape.

Hat factory tells you the quality of tongue core, generally has 3 parameters: thickness, hardness and tensile strength. But these are basically determined by the material. The oil has risen, the raw material is expensive, it is hard to add the material, which leads to the light and thin tongue core, no feel, unrealistic, fracture, and will be brought out of the residue by the needle and thread, the strength is not enough, the stereotype effect is poor, and it can not be durable.

The color of the tongue core, the normal black and white color, and the white (milk white), of course, according to the requirements, can also be made to make red green, but the color effect is relatively poor, it is not necessary.

If you can, it is recommended to use a good quality tongue core, which is very helpful to improve the quality and grade of the product, especially the hat of finished product washing, but it is often ignored.

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