A little common sense for the maintenance of a hat

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Hat has become a part of many people to decorate and dress up. Hat is such a common object in life that you may not know it. Hat is also need to be maintained, especially a good hat, proper maintenance to make the hat better help you shine the charm and brilliance.

The maintenance of the hat is a little common sense.

1, never wear a hat in the rain. Moisture will damage the material, damage the hat type, and don't let the cap touch with oily matter.

2, prepare a hard box for keeping the hat, put the drying agent in the box, and fix the cap with some stuffing before the hat is put in, and make sure that the hat is dry and clean.

3, after the hat is removed, do not mess with it. It should be hung on the coat rack, or on the clothes hook, and do not press heavy objects on the top so as not to be out of shape.

4, the hat hat for a long time, inside and outside will be stained with grease, dirt, should be promptly wash off. The cap lining can be removed and washed, and then stretched, so as to avoid sweat and dampness on the cap lining and dampen the life of the hat. The ash on the cap should be brushed regularly. The sludge and oil stain on the cap surface can be gently washed by soft brush and hot soap water, then washed with water. When you wash your hat, you can find a circular tank or a basin with the same size as the hat, and put the hat on it to wash it again, so as not to be out of shape.

5, hat collection, to brush dust, wash away dirt, in the sun for a while (remember not to explode), then wrapped in paper, placed in a hat box, stored in a ventilation, dry place, and the storage box is built in the drying agent, in order to prevent moisture.

6, the hat dismantling is more special, can not soak water (such as feathers, sequins, or paper - type hats), if the hat is made of cotton can be washed, the hat is paper pads can only be washed, the most taboo to use the washing machine.

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